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    Black PAC Demands Justice Clarence Thomas Exhibit at African American Museum

    Ignoring Thomas’s achievements, “not befitting of a national museum”


    WEST PALM BEACH, Florida (February 16, 2021) — The New Journey Political Action Committee Tuesday demanded that an exhibit to Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas be established at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC.


    In correspondence to museum curator Dr. Michele Gates Moresi, New Journey PAC Founder James Golden, Chief Executive Officer Autry Pruitt, and Chief of Staff AJ Swinson, said excluding an exhibit to Justice Thomas amounts to, “anti-historical bias in a way that rewrites history and pushes a biased narrative against a legendary Black trailblazer.”


    “It’s outrageous that the National Museum of African American History denies Clarence Thomas a proper exhibit,” said Golden, who founded New Journey PAC in 2019. “The museum claims it wants to promote the values of resiliency, optimism and spirituality within the Black community and they should be true to their mission with an exhibit honoring the achievements of Clarence Thomas.”


    The PAC also said the museum’s exclusion of an exhibit to Justice Thomas raises questions about the proper function of the institution. The letter notes, “Allowing political differences to ignore one of the great legal minds in our nation's history is not befitting of a national museum.”


    “If this is going to be a real museum, they need to curate their exhibits based on Black history, not some woke white liberal construct,” said Pruitt. “Clarence Thomas is a giant in the Black community. Ignoring his accomplishments amounts to phony revisionism and a corruption of Black American history.”

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