• Mr. James Golden, Founder New Journey PAC

    Mr. James Golden is also known as Bo Snerdley of the Rush Limbaugh program.


    The Black American today embodies what it means to be free. Despite the politician, not because of them, African American history is rich and impactful. The darker skin nation remains a constant symbol to the oppressed around the world—what government can’t do, I can! Now we as African Americans must gather friends of all races and embark on a New Journey.

    Few Americans know the Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln, and what that means in its historical context. The Republican Party was born to fight slavery and to preserve a union of states which, combined, ushered in a fundamental shift in world power.


    Self-governance, freedom of religion, private property rights, freedom of speech within a capitalist economic system didn’t happen by accident. It was born of the genius of the American Framers and sparked a worldwide movement for three centuries, and which continues today. It has lifted more people out of poverty and brought freedom to more people than any system in the history of humanity. The framers also, to their credit, devised a political system that would eventually conquer America’s moral sin of slavery.


    It took Republicans and the deaths of 600,000 Americans to bring freedom to ALL Americans. Few Americans realize that Republicans were the political force that began the extended civil rights struggle. The Eisenhower Administration stood up to segregationist in Little Rock, Arkansas from which the civil rights movement grew. It was Richard M. Nixon who first brought Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Washington, D.C. It was Republican votes that defeated the Democrat Party’s filibuster of the civil rights legislation that kept the Democrat Party’s state-controlled Jim Crow laws in place.


    Today, the Republican identity has been successfully demonized by a relentless 50-year campaign to portray it as a party of “white supremacists,” bigots, and compassionless agents of inequality.


    This flies in the face of the fantastic record of progress that black Americans achieved under policies of Republican presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump. Much of this, regrettably, has been overshadowed and distorted by a powerful anti-Republican messaging machine, orchestrated by the Democrat Party and executed by their willing accomplices in the main-stream media, the entertainment industry, and academia.


    While the Republican Party’s political apparatus has attempted in several election cycles to change this narrative, they have largely failed. In far too many “blue cities” there is no Republican presence, and the well-intentioned efforts to combat the non-stop Democrat Party messaging machine has only been activated - at a party level - during election cycles.


    That changes now. We are embarking on a New Journey.


    We are working towards establishing a 24/7 – 365 messaging and education strategy that will not go dark between election cycles. We will engage minority voters (through digital campaigns and by establishing physical offices) in the cities, towns, and hamlets in which they live with an effective, relentless campaign to answer the positioning of Republicans as an enemy to minority populations without insulting the intelligence of this constituency.


    We will engage with truth and perseverance. We will use every weapon in our communication, and technological arsenal, including strategic marketing, rapid response, and accurate polling to deliver insightful messaging that is informative, empathetic, and humorous. More importantly, it will speak the language of ethnic voters and non-voters. The challenges facing the Republican Party are not “one-cycle” problems, and the results will not be achieved in “one-cycle.” New Journey – is here for the long haul.


    How do you change voting percentages among a population which votes 90% in favor of the opposition? One percentage point at a time. That is the New Journey we have elected to begin.


    Join us.


    James "Bo Snerdley" Golden

    Founder - New Journey PAC, Inc.

    admin@newjourneypac.org | www.newjourneypac.org