• John Henry Lyles, III

    I fight so hard because there is no other America.

    -John Lyles


    ~John Henry Lyles, III~

    1980 - 2021

    Rest In Peace

    The passing of  John Henry Lyles, our former Executive Vice President of Development, is a great loss to the Conservative movement.  

    John's voice was a clarion call to fight back against the forces (both spiritual and natural) which are trying to destroy this country from the inside out. 

    John Henry Lyles, III leaves behind a wife and two-step children.

  • "I fight so hard because there is no other America."

    ~John Henry Lyles, III~

    1980 - 2021


    VERO BEACH, FLORIDA (September 1, 2021) — New Journey Wednesday issued the following statement on the death of their former Executive-Vice President of Development.

    The passing of  John Henry Lyles is a great loss to the Republican movement. John's voice was a clarion call to fight back against the forces (both spiritual and natural) which are trying to destroy this country from the inside out. 


    John Henry Lyles, III leaves behind a wife and two-step children.



    New Journey in cooperation with other 501(c)(4) and (c)(3)s when legal and appropriate has developed a plan to open at least 2 engagement centers within Louisana. Thanks to a generous pledge by Elbert L. Guillory, we expect the first of these engagement centers to open before October 1, 2022. Also, New Journey has received generous contributions from Dr. Craig Greene and Dr. John Noble for operational costs related to the state of Louisiana.


    New Journey has a project titled Save Florida Schools. We are currently working on model legislation to present to Governor Ron DeSantis to further expand and enshrine in law protections from Critical Race Theory and Gender Theory. It's our hope to share this with other Governors around the nation when complete.

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    Letter to The African American Museum

    Subject: Clarence Thomas

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    Letter to Gov. Ron DeSantis

    Subject: Critical Race Theory


    New Journey PAC has been a target of Cancel Culture and we are UNDER ATTACK !!!

    New Journey was notified that we were being de-platformed by our payment processor and had less then 24 hours to migrate ALL recurring donations which are essential to our operations to a new platform. This is unheard of and an OUTRAGE! This was clearly because our mission is to target races where we can influence and win the hearts and minds of minorities to vote for conservatives which is ONLY possible because of our core inner-circle donors and the Left knows this!


    We have critical infrastructure to maintain and have specific US Congressional Races we need to influence and need to restore our recurring donations support from generous and patriotic donors like yourself. One race we can flip in a majority minority district in FL has the election in LESS THAN 100 Days in Jan 2022 to fill the seat, we need to act NOW! We have launched an aggressive multi-channel campaign to save our mission, re-establish the kind recurring donations, and WE NEED YOUR HELP now. You may be receiving an email, text, voicemail, or perhaps even a phone call from our team and as shocking as this news may be, it is real and we need your help to re-establish your monthly recurring donation which helps us immensely.


    Consider that in one congressional race in 2020 that a conservative PAC did an outreach campaign to win over traditionally democrat voters who were fed up, that one race was won by only 470 votes! What that translates to is, that if you cost out a voter contact using our high-tech delivery service at $1 each voter contact, a single donor who donated recurring throughout the year may have been able to put their thumb on the scale and help cause just one congressional seat to be flipped. Not only does every vote count, but every donation counts if we want to win back our democracy and recurring donations help facilitate maintaining that infrastructure to win or influence close and critical races. Will you help us recover from the cancel culture attack and re-establish our recurring donation infrastructure?


    Warm Thanks ~ Bo Snerdley, Founder and Former Rush Limbaugh Producer


  • Special Announcement

    Alert: New Journey Endorses David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler for US Senate in the Georgia Special Election on January 5th, 2021