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Who's Putting Who in Chains?

by Daren Williams, originally published on American Thinker

· National Politics

It was in August, 2012, during the final months of the Obama reelection campaign, when then-Vice President Joe Biden made the ham-fisted statement to a Danville, Virginia crowd which included many black Americans, that Mitt Romney would, "put y’all back in chains,” by cutting regulations on Wall Street.

His gaffe was a clumsy attempt to slander Romney and all Republicans by intimating their desire to put Americans ‘back’ in chains, interpreted by the hypersensitive liberal Left as a twisted reference to slavery. But unfortunately many Americans, (especially blacks), believe this to be a truism -- that Republicans are oppressors and slave-masters to be eradicated from the American landscape.

The notion is ludicrous, both literally and figuratively. Given that Republicans freed American blacks from the slavery imposed by Democrats, the idea of the GOP somehow putting them back in chains is stupefyingly ignorant. This ignorance is exceeded only by the preposterousness of thinking that cutting the size and power of the federal government equals slavery when in fact, it is precisely the opposite that is true.

President Donald Trump has been gradually unchaining Americans, especially blacks, from the slavery of big government, excessive regulation, high taxes, bad economic policy and a prejudicial criminal justice system. Black unemployment is the lowest in recorded American history. More people are working than ever in the history of the republic. More than a million children have been lifted from the chains of poverty and never have so many black men been given a chance for release from an unfair criminal justice system.

It is for these reasons that President Donald Trump is, and will continue to be, portrayed by a dishonest Left as racist and wanting to shackle/chain/enslave blacks -- the polar opposite of reality. Biden won’t admit it publicly but he knows, as do other powerful Democrats, that Trump is the biggest single threat to their plans to bring socialism to America. Trump has blown up their timetable, so he must be driven from office, not by being defeated at the ballot box but through impeachment.

For a moment, let’s imagine that President Donald Trump is impeached, driven from office and hauled off to jail, and that Democrats win the White House in 2020, keep the House of Representatives and secure the Senate. What about those “chains” Uncle Joe talked about?

Democrats are promising to repeal the Trump tax cuts, shackling the household wealth of all Americans to a ravenous federal Treasury. This would be followed by the chains of onerous governmental regulations on businesses and higher corporate taxes, destroying jobs and cutting wages. Particularly hard hit would be coal and other fossil-fuel industries, which Democrats promise to eradicate through the Green New Deal or variations thereof.

Our national sovereignty would be in bondage to the United Nations, making the United States the world’s piggy bank for countries like Iran, China, and other belligerents. American citizens would be clapped into the irons of censorship with the erosion or outright loss of First Amendment rights, like New York City’s ban on free speech, which fines those who speak the truth about illegal aliens.

Our health care would be enslaved to a government system of socialized medicine that would invariably result in rationing medical treatment and levying confiscatory taxes on those able to pay so free health care can be provided to non-citizens and others who are in the United States illegally.

Democrats went to war in 1861 so they could continue to own other human beings. Today, Democrats are going to war again, this time using an illegitimate impeachment of President Trump, in their effort to enslave an entire nation to their vision of a socialist America, the casus belli being their vendetta against him for daring to make America truly great again. This is not idle speculation. Rep. Al Green - a black man, no less - was unequivocal when he said, “If we don't impeach the president, he will get reelected.”

President Trump has done more in three years to free blacks and all Americans from the shackles of big and increasingly oppressive government than any other president. If we do not come to his aid while Democrats lay siege to his administration, Joe Biden’s 2012 admonition will indeed become reality and y’all will be back in chains.