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Democratic Victimology

Autry J. Pruitt


“Recently, we had two athletes, LeBron James and Donovan Mitchell come out and talk about how being black in America is extraordinarily tough. That how being black in America is akin to what it was in 1960, or even during the slave times of 1790 or the early 18 hundreds. But this is not the case. LeBron James and Donovan Mitchell both enjoy unparalleled success, unparalleled fame and unparalleled money in a nation that idolizes them, in the nation that made them rich. BUT THE DEMOCRATS HAVE US SO WRAPPED UP IN VICTIMOLOGY THAT IF YOU ARE A BLACK MALE AND YOU ARE RICH, IF YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL, IF YOU HAVE AN ENTIRE WORLD, WHICH IDOLIZES YOU, ENTIRE GROUPS OF MEN AND WOMEN WHO BOTH WANT TO BE WITH YOU, THAT SOMEHOW YOU CAN STILL CLAIM YOU ARE A VICTIM.

This is not the case. WE NEED TO COME OUT OF VICTIMOLOGY. We need to come out of fear and work with positivity. BLACK AMERICANS, WE BUILT THE COUNTRY. BLACK AMERICANS, WE HELPED ESTABLISH THE GREAT PARKS IN THIS NATION. We helped build some of the great buildings, including the white house and the Capitol building, in this nation and oftentimes without compensation. And then we built from that and brought great blues music to America. We brought great rhythm and beats to this country. What black America has brought into the world is so renowned ;from phrases, like “what’s up” from hip hop, to rap, to redoing television, to colors, to suit design, to architecture. BLACK AMERICANS HAVE CHANGED THE FACE OF NOT ONLY THIS COUNTRY, BUT THE ENTIRE WORLDIT IS TIME FOR THE RICH ATHLETES, SUCH AS LEBRON AND DONOVAN TO STOP BEING VICTIMS AND START BEING LEADERS AND LIVE IN VICTORY.”