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Byron Donalds is the RIGHT Choice for Florida's Nineteenth District + your mother will love him!

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If there is a single theme voter contacts should remember as they head to the polls this November to cast their vote in the midterm elections, it’s Freedom vs. Communism. There is a reason why Florida has come to be known as the “freest state in the nation,” and it’s a direct result of Florida’s Republican leadership on both the state and federal levels. While there is no shortage of solid Conservative leaders in Florida, including President Donald Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis, Florida Congressman Byron Donalds is a shining example of why we must fight to maintain Florida’s conservative representation in Congress.

Congressman Byron Donalds is currently running for re-election in Florida’s 19th Congressional District after overwhelmingly winning his recent primary election with 84% of the vote. As a member of Congress, Congressman Donalds’ has always been a fierce opponent of Joe Biden’s radical, anti-American agenda and a strong supporter of America First policies.

He has a proven track record of defending his constituent’s constitutional rights and continues to fight to protect the Second Amendment; he is pro-life, an advocate for clean water, works tirelessly to protect Florida seniors, fights for parental rights and school choice, and he has continued to crack down on the invasion on our Southern Border.

Congressman Donald’s record of fighting for conservative values in Washington has also earned him a coveted endorsement from President Donald Trump.

“Congressman Byron Donalds has been a terrific advocate for the people of Florida and our Country,” Trump said in a statement from his Save America PAC. “He is doing a great job. Byron is strong on Education, a defender of the Second Amendment fights to protect our Border, believes that America should be Energy Independent, and is dedicated to Low Taxes and a Strong Economy. He supports our America First policies, knows the importance of our Great Vets, and values our important Military men and women. Byron is working hard for our Country every day. He has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

Over the last two years since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States of America and the entire world have experienced the adverse effects and consequences of overreaching government, medical tyranny, globalism, and the rise of communism. Voters can count on Congressman Byron Donalds to stand firm against foreign communist threats posed by China’s increasing global influence, as well as domestic communist threats that are omnipresent in our society because of the Marxist subversion of America’s education system and the radical Left’s efforts to undermine our military and national security with woke policies.  

The outcome of the 2022 midterm elections will define the future of America for generations to come. Voters who wish to preserve their constitutional freedoms and break free from the Democrat Party’s stronghold over our federal government will find the leadership and representation they desire in Congressman Byron Donalds.

A vote to re-elect Rep. Byron Donalds is a vote to protect American values and the liberties and freedoms that so many are fleeing to Florida to enjoy, which is why New Journey Pac is proud to endorse Rep. Donalds’ campaign.





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