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'Bo Snerdley' ramps up his political outreach on behalf of black conservatives

By Jennifer Harper - The Washington Times

· National Politics

He is known to millions as “Bo Snerdley,” the executive producer of Rush Limbaugh’s daily talk-radio show, which draws some 14 million listeners. His real name is James Golden, and he recently founded a well-received political action committee and an online presence to support black conservatives. Mr. Golden is doubling down on his outreach to “make black Americans Republican again” — or “MAGA Black” for short.


“I’m black, conservative and fired up,” Mr. Golden said.


“Republicans stand for freedom and opportunity for everyone, so Americans of all races can go as far as their dreams and determination will take them. Democrats use and abuse black Americans, destroying the black family and convincing them that they need the heavy hand of government to survive. Enough is enough,” Mr. Golden advised in a new public message released this week.


“It’s time to recover our history, revive our dream and rewrite the destiny of the African American people,” he continued.


“Despite the relentless drumbeat of opposition, I have never seen a more impressive group of African Americans in national leadership than I have under President Trump. Dr. Ben Carson is helping revive our inner cities as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Sen. Tim Scott is providing inspired leadership to his constituents in South Carolina. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas continues to safeguard the Constitution. And an extraordinary group of principled black conservatives — men and women alike — are running strong campaigns for Congress this year,” Mr. Golden advised.

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